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Sign up to help!

We can't do it all without your help! Anyone can volunteer after completing a Voly Background Check and filling out our Booster Program Registration form so we have all your information.


Please click to sign up so we know who will be available and where we still need help.

Volunteer Opportunities

Being a Booster Volunteer is an active commitment but doesn’t have to take much time. We know parents and community theater fans want to help but don’t always know what they can do. Please consider any of the areas below that look interesting to you, contact us for more information, and fill out the Google form on our website with your interest so we can keep in touch. It’s so easy to help with a committee of volunteers. We never want one person to do it all alone! Working together, everyone can Step Into The Light!

Join a Committee!

Each Committee will collaborate on events and goals to utilize everyone’s unique skills and interests. For example, the Banquet Support committee will need volunteers to set up the event, so they will contact Volunteer Support with details about specific needs so Volunteer Support can set up signup emails and ensure volunteers are coordinated.

Volunteer Opportunities During Performances

Sign Up for LISD Voly

The safety and security of our staff and students is taken very seriously at all LISD schools and events. If you would like to volunteer please fill out the application on LIS Voly . Once approved you are welcome to enter the school and participate with volunteer opportunities.

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