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Booster Program Board 2023–2024

President: Sean McIntyre

Vice President: Laurie Davis

Secretary: Shannon Williams

Treasurer: Matt Turner

Publicity/Communications Coordinator: Amelia Palmer

Membership Coordinator: *Still Needed*

Volunteer Coordinator: Darcie Allen

Fundraising Coordinator: *Still Needed*

Concessions/Hospitality Coordinators: Terri Domenech & Beverly Young

Are you interested in serving on the Booster Program Board? Contact us for more details or general information about LHS Theatre Boosters at:

Booster Program Meetings

Several meetings and gatherings are offered and held by the Booster Program Board. All meetings and events are open to the public, and anyone can attend.

Minutes from Board and General meetings are available.

Booster Program Board Meetings

LHS Theatre Booster Board meets with the Theatre Directors on the 1st Tuesday of each month in the LHS Main Green Room at 6 p.m. Anyone is welcome to come and listen, but business will be conducted by the board and directors. When necessary, these meetings may change due to holidays or performance practice schedules. All meetings will be posted and announced in our newsletter.

Booster Board Meeting: First Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at LHS Main,
check the Production Calendar to confirm.
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Booster Program General Meetings

General Booster Meetings will happen throughout the year with advance notice. These meetings will discuss volunteer opportunities, needs for upcoming events, and information that needs to be voted on to implement.

A notice will be posted on the homepage with details, and meetings will be mentioned in the Booster email. Anyone can attend.

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