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Troupe #3676 Updates:

Next Induction Date:

Last Chance for the year:

Friday, April 3rd


All inductees for the year will be honored at our 2023 Banquet!!! Please make plans to attend!!!


In order to be eligible to vote for or run for a Thespian Officer Position, you MUST be a member of Troupe #3676.

How Do I Become a Member?

  • The minimum eligibility requirement for Thespian induction is one hundred hours of quality work in theatre arts and related disciplines.

  • One Thespian point represents approximately ten hours of quality work. 

  • Inductees must earn ten points, five of which should be for work done at the school where they will be inducted.

  • Membership Fee: $35.00

Active Members

Isiah Barber, Dylan Boyd, Ian Friend, Rhian Hawkins, Jessie Ibarra, Maddie Johnson, Nathan Palmer, Elizabeth Ramierez, Kenzie Turner, Sidney Williams, Grayson Willingham

2023 Inductees

2023 Inductees.png

Zenith Bathgate

Ashlynn Duckworth

Jessie Ibarra

Maya Penate

Robbie Hammers

Joey Allen

Amaya Faulkner

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