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Tech Theatre

Play Credit Opportunities

  • One play credit is due at the end of every nine weeks.

  • You must turn in a ticket, program, and a play credit form.

Any Lewisville Theatre Shows Qualify for Credit


  • Tech 1 Students must work 3 hours each nine weeks.

  • Tech 2 students must work 14 hours each nine weeks.

  • Tech 3-4 and above must work 21 hours each nine weeks.

  • Hours for working each day are 4-6.

  • Every day that a rehearsal is listed on the calendar is a work call.

  • You must attend a minimum of 30 minutes of the work call to count for credit.

  • If no students show up for the call or inform the instructor of late arrival prior to the work call, it will be canceled

Find an Opportunity

You are not limited to LHS or these groups.  Any play with a script is allowed for a play credit.  No dance recitals, concerts, etc.

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