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Callback List

Thank you for your incredible work today. If your name is not on this list, it does not mean you will not be cast in the show. It just means I saw what I needed in the initial audition. Everyone who auditioned please remember to check back for the cast list, later this week. 

Logan Hughes 

Jessie Ibarra

Maddie Johnson 

Kya Smith 

Maya Penate 

Jeremiah Young 

Nico Combs 

Cianna Wesson

Kayleigh Whitaker 

Rhian Hawkins 

Madison Berry 

Alyson Gilbert 

Aubrey Birdsall 

Olana Howell 

Genesis Fuentes 

Katelyn Mcintyre 

Elizabeth Ramierz 

Jazmin Gamez

Important Show Information

More details coming soon! Check the producion calendar for scheduling dates.

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