Lewisville High School: Main, Harmon & Killough Campuses


I think there is no world without theatre.  --Edward Bond English Playwright

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Class Information

Company for CCC

Brooks, Avery

Clyburne, Michelle

Coburn, Dean

Diaz, Jayson

Dunman, Zipporah

Goldenberg, Jacob

Jones, Lemorn

Kimbrell, Nikki

Lopez, Miquela

Mooney, Daniel

Neyens, Mary

Pfeffer, Andrew

Piraino, Jimmy

Puente, Maria

Robinson, Tomias

Rodgers, Eboni

Teamer, Jay

Thang, James

Woelke, Paige

Allen, Marcus

Bruner, Kristen

Cantu, Anna

Kunke, Macy

Lee, Pil

Students enrolled in any section of Theatre/Tech Theatre must have a parent & student signed handbook acknowledgment form for the 2016-17 school year.  Please read the handbook and returned signed form (Provided by your teacher).